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Its not bad...

This animation wasn't too bad, but at the same time it really wasn't that amazing.First off, I can see what you were trying to do with the style. I liked the very limited colour palette you use with this animation.It fitted well with the sketchy style, but I feel that could have been executed better. I understand the lines of the Paintbrush tool in Flash can be quite varied, but in some places the lines were a bit messy.This isn't too much of a problem, but I personally don't particularly like the appearance of those kind of lines. A tip for this would be that you should use the Subselection tool,(The little white cursor.)to straighten the lines a bit more.

The artwork was very simple and sketchy, much like I said before.But I didn't really like the characters, as I thought their designs were pretty bland and uninteresting. Though simplicity can look awesome when you know how to pull it off. As far as the animation went, it was fairly decent. Slightly choppy in places, but overall, good.

The plot was ok.Though I didn't really find it funny. But that may just be me, considering this isn't really my kind of humour.

Next up,the sound.The quality of all the sound was very good, but it could have used some sound effects perhaps.(Like when Kitteh smashes open the piggy bank, as an example.)But the sound was otherwise very good.

So all in all, this Flash wasn't too bad,but like I said before, it wasn't amazing.But still, keep practicing, as I'm sure you could make some pretty good animations in future. ;)

TopazPie responds:

Thanks Dexter3000. That was the most helpful review ive ever gotten. Thanks for the critiquing :) ill try to keep all of that in mind for my next projects.

Quite funny.

It was pretty good.The voices were very nicely done,and i thought they made the Flash funnier.(Although in a couple of places, i did find them quite hard to understand.) The Graphics were quite good,but they looked a little rushed in places.(No offense.)I also noticed in one place the hand of one of the characters was backwards.But otherwise the graphics suited this animation and were quite cute.

Overall,it was a good Flash,but it was short.But funny. :D

HolyKonni responds:

thank you dexter. yes i was a bit rushed the plot was done 2 days before christmas.

Not as great as your other works...

To be honest,i thought this wasn't any where near as good as your other Music video loops.As usual,the song was catchy,which is good,and it looped perfectly.

Art and Animation wise,it was pretty lazy compared to your usual works, as you didn't make a background, even though it was suiting the animation,the characters looked quite out of place on it in my opinion.

The animation was pretty decent,and it was synced well with the music,but in a few places it did fall out of sync a little.But most of the animation itself was pretty boring,because you did recycle some of the same movements.However,you did at least use some different angles.

Overall,this was decent,but not as good as your other works.I know you can do much better than this.


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Not bad...

This wasn't that bad.The concept was pretty unoriginal,and it is incredibly similar to the Kirby games.(But if im correct,you mentioned that this was inspired by Kirby.)

First of all,we'll talk about the Graphics and Animation.The graphics were simple,on both the characters and the landscape of levels themselves.Simplicity isn't always a bad thing,and can look great when you know how to pull it off.I didn't really like the character designs personally.They were unimaginative and a little too simplistic for my own liking.Although,i rather liked the space themed backgrounds,they were very nice.

Animation wise,it was good,like how Globby spills around as he crawls along the ground.The animation on the enemies wasn't too bad either.Not really much else i can say about the Animation of the characters and such.

Gameplay wise,i can see that it was inspired by Kirby,like how you kill enemies and steal their powers,similar to Kirby.From what i had seen,the abilities you get from enemies aren't that imagnative nor original.The were some good ones in there,like the wings,but overall,nothing that original.You probably could have just thought a bit more about that.

The level design wasn't the best,as navigating around the level was quite confusing.You could have gave more signals to where you need to be heading.

Sound wise,it was nice.I liked the music in the levels,though it did get a little repetative,but otherwise it was good.Suited the mood of the Flash game well.
The sound effects were nice too.One or two did sound a little low quality,but it may just be me with that.

Overall,this was quite a fun little game,but it was quite flawed with things such as level design.

Overall good points:
Good sound +2
Fluent Animation +3
Nice Backgrounds +4

Overall points for improvement:
Confusing level design -2
Too simplistic Art -1

Score:6/10 3/5


Hell freakin' Yes!

Nicely done Scelestic.

i didn't expect you'd put my first in there though,but i suppose that was a nice suprise.this was awesome to see some of my art in there.

I just want to say,thank you Scelestic for ogranising this awesome art collab,and a congrats to my fellow artists who got into the collab.



Awesome!just awesome!(to those reading this,I created the characters Lightrin,Spii and Woody,as you would have gavered.)

the music fitted really well,and it was overall awesome.although,you did miss out a few pictures people posted in the TNEJ,such as a few of mine.but i can understand this was due to file size.but still James,you out did yourself buddy.i can see you put alot of work into this.


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Even better job than before.The voice seemed more expressive and the music in the background really added to it.I also found it a bit easier to understand.But anyway,its overall better than the original.Keep up the good work Jonny.

bigjonny13 responds:

Thanks Dex :D
Yeah, I felt that it needed something more. Also, by taking my time with this one, I was allowed to express the story much better and I used background music to accentuate that.

i laughed,i cried.

lol,that was some pretty good narrating.well,that,and the story itself was epic.now all we need now is someone to make a flash out of this.

bigjonny13 responds:

I think LegolaSS is contemplating it.

Good song!

It sounds alot like the original song from Rayman.it sounds a little better than the original infact!The part halfway through the song was wonderful,and i liked the sound of birds tweeting at the beggining.Great work!


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Not that great...

Well,first i'll talk about the art of the comic.Its simple,which is good,and rather cute.Though the background is poor,as the grass is just very messy and jagged.You could work more on the backgrounds.

As for the content of the comic itself,its a pretty over used concept,or similiar jokes have been used in the past.That,and i don't think the deliverance of the plot would have taken 9 panels.You could have easily done it in 3 or 4 panels.

Overall,this comic wasn't that great,but i was keeping in mind about how you said this comic was only really a doodle.And i dont expect master pieces from doodles.


Sparky09 responds:

Yea I get that 9 panal thing a lot. Thanks for the review, but truth be told this was my first comic. Latly I've been working on art, with a new drawing tablet. Charector designs are being worked on with more detail, and hopefully better. Thanks for the review, and the constructive critism. ;)

Pretty good sketch...

Its a pretty nice sketch.i really like what you did with all the bushy fur,it looks great that way.but i do agree with what the other 2 people said,the flames should look more defined and "firey".although,then again,the flames are like that in the Anime,so i suppose you couldn't say there is much wrong with that.woulda been interesting though if you had your own take on them.

other than that,this is a very nice piece.good work,Kittykat!


*Drools over the awesomeness of this art.*

I must say,Vylent,this is one of the greatest pieces i have seen in a while.Everything about this is great,from the posture of the Joker to the to the atmosphere of this piece.Im also suprised that this had only taken you 2 days.But otherwise,this is amazing,as is your other work.I really love your art,infact,your on my favorite artist list.:D


vylent responds:

:D thanks for the awesome comment dude
I'm really glad you like my stuff :)

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